MC50 Poster Release on 50th Anniversary of Kick Out The Jams JC100! October 31 2018

An event worth celebrating!  We celebrate the release of the 100th poster in the Ideal Posters Series, "The MC50 Official Tour Poster", a fabulous design by Chuck Sperry!  Itis fitting to have Wayne Kramer and the MC50 as JC100, as John Sinclair and Wayne Kramer were JC!!

From Chuck Sperry:

" celebration of the 50th Zenta New Year — in other words the 50th anniversary of the live concert recording of Kick Out The Jams!

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In May 2018, Wayne Kramer announced an MC5 tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kick Out the Jams, with a line-up including himself, plus rock stalwarts Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Doug Pinnick (King’s X), Marcus Durant (Zen Guerrilla), Don Was (Was Not Was), Bill Gould (Faith No More) and Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam)

I’ve been a fan of the MC5 since I was 9 years old. I grew up in a rebellious time in a crucible of art and politics. Swept up by the social transformations of the late-60’s and early-70s, my whole family was effected: an older brother of draft-age, another brother going to Kent State after anti-war activists were shot by the National Guard there, a sister who went to art school in Memphis, and a cousin who lived in the Trans-Love commune in Ann Arbor where MC5 was based. MC5 was the soundtrack of revolutionary times and my family’s immersion in it. 

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, relatively close to Detroit, MC5’s brand of revolutionary rock and roll made a deep impression on me, influenced my musical and artistic tastes, my political development, and helped inspire my commitment to social issues. I have been lucky enough to work with Wayne Kramer on a few tour posters over the years. Wayne is a cultural icon and is always an inspiration to work with. I’m honored to contribute to his legacy as a musician who has rocked so hard in resistance to the injustices of the world."   – Chuck Sperry