teams up with Chuck Sperry for The Supersuckers! September 09 2017

From Chuck:

"I had a blast making this “Old School” poster in the 1990’s style. I hand-mixed fluorescent and metallic inks from pigment powder, especially for this poster, so every color in it is a custom formula (and very strong chromatically, haha!). I designed the band names and show information in black bars at the top and bottom of the poster – a technique artists in the 1990’s devised to save time, create maximum impact, readability, and to allow for the inevitable last-minute changes in bill or venue (Consider that most posters were color separated by hand-cutting rubylith films with exacto knives – black bars allowed for faster color preparation). Enjoy this super eye-popping “Old School” Supersuckers poster, turn on your blacklight, and listen to the Evil Powers of Rock’n’Roll!"